15 - 17 JUNE 2021 BILBAO - BEC

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Inser Robótica is an industrial engineering company specialising in the design and commissioning of automation systems for the end of production lines.

The company has become one of the references in turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of each company, especially in the non-durable consumer goods sector (food, beverages, chemicals, paper, etc.) with the installation of more than a thousand systems worldwide. 

It provides solutions capable of fully or separately automating each of the processes involved in product packaging. From the quality inspection of the products, to their transfer to warehouses or loading docks using AGVS or AMRs, through the intermediate steps of product grouping, case erecting, filling and closing, palletising, wrapping and labelling.

In addition to its customised automation solutions, it has standard products such as its successful Compact Palletising Cells, its recent Copalletizer (Collaborative Palletising Cell), Case erector load cells and its fish catch counting cabinets based on artificial vision and Deep Learning.

It is also the exclusive distributor and official technical service for the Youngsun brand of packaging machinery in Spain. From its wide range of products, Inser Robótica has selected the case erectors and case sealers, pallet wrappers and strapping machines.

It has a technical service called Inser Services which is perceived as one of the best in the sector, capable of keeping all the systems supplied in perfect working order, including the maintenance of industrial robots, packaging machinery and autonomous vehicles, covering mechanical, electronic and programming incidents.

Inser Robótica is located next to the Bilbao airport and has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and France.

Address:  Derio Bidea,55
Town:  mungia
Postcode:  48100
County:  bizkaia
Country:  Spain
Phone number:  +34 946 767 050
Stand:  C320



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